Yoga – Not as Old as You Think

*revin la acest articol pe care l-am publicat si in luna mai fiindca azi am avut o discutie referitoare la “yoga este veche de mii de ani” – yoga este vie si in continua schimbare, ceea ce practicam noi si toata lumea moderna nu este vechi/antic/mistic! este bun, este placut, este interesant si sanatos, are influente din mai multe arte, imbina delicat prezentul si trecutul, dar nu este atata de vechi pe cat se vehiculeaza in anumite cercuri:D

de citit (deschide link-urile) -  articole interesante despre cateva mituri legate de yoga

New Light on Yoga

“But on another level it’s liberating to realize that yoga, like life itself, is infinitely creative, expressing itself in a multitude of forms, recreating itself to meet the needs of different times and cultures. It’s liberating to realize that the yoga poses are not fossils—they’re alive and bursting with possibility.”

How old is yoga?

“…In a rare interview, BKS Iyengar, the 90-year old ambassador of yoga to the West, told me that his yoga, as taught to him by his master, was a purely physical exercise and completely unrelated to ancient philosophy. He says he invented and refined much of it himself. It wasn’t until 1960, while on a visit to London, that English intellectuals introduced Iyengar to the ancient “yoga sutras”. Five years later, he combined the yoga poses and the Hindu teachings together in his book “Light on Yoga,” which then sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the United States. And voila — the modern yoga craze was born. But it was basically a new age invention, not an ancient practice…”

Where Yoga Poses Come From: Are We Making This Shit Up?

“Really, who ever thought that was a millennia old asana? Anyway, we’re all just making it up… hopefully with humbled intelligence and a deep understanding of the biology of the body and the philosophy of the practice in mind. Now, in order to make our beloved asana practices ready to sustain the test of time, we have to make it relevant by using these practices to create sustained freedom and joy… just as the history of yoga has intended. “

Not as Old as You Think

“contemporary yoga is a unique example of a truly global innovation, in which Eastern and Western practices merged to produce something that is valued and cherished around the world”

YogaDork Interviews Kate Churchill and Nick Rosen of Yogamentary Film ‘Enlighten Up!’

“The irony was that we went to India thinking wow this is really the source, but when we go there the yoga that seemed really significant had nothing to do with our yoga. So it’s just a matter of what you want to study. It doesn’t really matter, you could do it in Idaho if you found the right teacher who suited you and if you found the right source of material.

I think ultimately through making this film, to me, enlightenment translates into becoming aware. There’s so many different ways to do that and it’s up to you to sort out how you do that.”

“What do you say to those who argue their yoga is more “real” than others?

“It drives me nuts! When people try to say that their one yoga is more legitimate than another because it has so-called historical lineage or a better pedigree. That is BS. If you look at the history of yoga it is not about that. The ancient yoga is nothing like what we practice; postures were irrelevant. Postural yoga is a very modern phenomenon. The history’s like 100 years old.
Yoga’s anything you want it to be and that’s very freeing. The worst is people saying we’re destroying yoga in America because it’s not spiritual enough. Tell that to BKS Iyengar when he was 25 years old developing this on his own and wasn’t spiritual. I just think that’s sanctimonious hypocrisy and often is a marketing tool more than anything.”

“It’s just like life. Yoga can be a great vehicle for transformation for people and I met a lot of people through that whole process like who were addicted to drugs or really depressed and yoga created this really intense energetic regular thing to devote themselves to that brought them a lot of stability.”

Yoga este o metafora pentru viata. Este vie si in permanenta miscare/transformare. Ador yoga pentru relaxarea, forta, respiratia, energia si focusarea pe care mi-o ofera. Ador yoga fiindca m-a facut sa-mi pun o gramada de intrebari, sa imi depasesc limitele si sa-mi inghit ego-ul de multe ori.
Ador yoga fiindca mi se potriveste…
Dar, da, eu nu cred ca yoga este veche de mii de ani, cel putin nu in forma care se propavaduieste nicaieri in lume (nici macar in India) si sunt emise multe mituri – care mai de care mai interesante.
Cred ca pentru fiecare yoga este o altfel de calatorie si inclestarea in “real yoga”, “traditional yoga” este funny.

Astea fiind spuse, sa ne vedem cu bine pe saltele si sa ne descoperim/traim, cat de prezenti putem, fiecare drumul:D

Xo, Sanda
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