Sanda, Hyogo

Sfanta Sanda nu este, festivaluri sau premii cu numele meu nu sunt, dar am gasit altceva – un orasel simpatic din Japonia imi poarta numele (sau invers):D
The name “Sanda” has a long history. Records found within the Buddhist statue “Mirokubutsuzazo” in the ancient Konshinji Temple reads: “These areas are decreed as Matsuyama’s land, which includes Onden, Hiden and Keiden, which are three rice fields, and is thus renamed Sanda.” (In Japanese, “San” means three and “ta” (here pronounced “da”) means rice field.) This indicates that the name Sanda has been in use for an estimated 1,300 years.”

- mai multe info despre oras aici

Am chiar si steag!:-)

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