Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast

am primit de la Andreea Ciobica – multumesc! – un link cu un interviu foarte interesant si m-am gandit ca v-ar placea sa-l ascultati si voi:

Ashtanga Certified teacher, John Scott imparts his knowledge and experience of the Ashtanga yoga practice it in a way that is almost poetic. This was not as much an interview as it was John doing what he loves – teaching, as he spent more than 90 minutes sharing his experience with Guruji, his passion for the breath and vinyasa, and the method of Tristhana, as I hung on every word – and you will too. And why we broke this podcast into 2 parts, so you could relax and take it all in. Here’s Part One of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast with John Scott: All is God.

*Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast

Xo, Sanda

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