15 Resolutions from Some of Humanity’s Greatest Minds

1. THOREAU: walk and be more present
2. VIRGINIA WOOLF: keep a diary
3. SENECA: make your life wide rather than long
4. ANNA DEAVERE SMITH: define yourself
5. ALAN WATTS: break free from your ego
6. CAROL DWECK: cultivate a growth mindset
7. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: turn haters into fans
8. HANNAH ARENDT: think rather than know
9. ANNE LAMOTT: let go of perfectionism
10. CARL SAGAN: master critical thinking
11. REBECCA SOLNIT: get lost to find yourself
12. BRUCE LEE: be like water
13: MAYA ANGELOU: choose courage over cynicism
14. EMERSON: cultivate true friendship
15. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: live by your own standards

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